Finally, is accepting anonymous donations. Donors are no longer required to create an account on the association web site in order to donate.

There is once again a banner on for donations. The banner is rotated with other banners, so it may not be visible to all users. It is also on the front page only.

In the works, there is another small icon that would be displayed on the top right of every page. Here are some suggestions.

It seems that donations are starting to come in after the testing on registered vs. anonymous, but only after the banner went up on last night.

If you use Drupal for your web site, or business, and care about the Drupal project, click the image above and donate some money.

2bits (Khalid) maintains the code for the donation.module that is now running on the association web site. We will commit it shortly to the CVS repository.

Thanks to Gerhard for his help installing and helping troubleshoot this, as well as Moshe for making the banner. Also thanks for Boris Mann for making my ADHD worse last night via Skype and IRC, and specially to Zack Rosen and Jonathan Lambert.

Let us get that icon up on every page now.

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