Drupal Adsense module: why would you use it?

A question that often comes up in the forums on drupal.org is why would one use the Drupal Google Adsense module when they can just copy and paste the ad code from Google directly in a block?

Well, Chris of OP Tech works has a good answer: after trying alternatives, he came back to the Google Adsense module again.

Read his blog article on why the Drupal Adsense Module Is Great.



adsense module is great

i liked it but i dont know why it is giving page not found error


I'd been looking for a Drupal 6 compatible version of this module, but it seems that it's stuck at v5. That's a shame, because it would be a lot easier than injecting AdSense into the theme. Ah well.

Any idea what the alternatives are?

Looks like there's a beta

Looks like there's a beta for Drupal 6 recently: http://drupal.org/node/296985