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Apache with fcgid: acceptable performance and better resource utilization

Update May 2013: We no longer recommend fcgid ever since Ubuntu Server 12.04 was released. This is because that version has PHP-FPM, which provides every benefit that fcgid has, with the added advantage of a shared opcode cache for all processes. We will be writing a full article on PHP-FPM with Drupal in the near future (soon to appear at High Performance Drupal with Apache MPM Worker Threaded Server and PHP-FPM).

Ads of the World featured on The Guardian

A few days ago, The Guardian, a leading UK based newspaper, featured Ads of The World on their Technology section.

Ads of the World has been running on Drupal for the 4 years it has been in existence, and is a very high traffic site.

Presentation: Monitoring Drupal using Nagios Integration

On Thursday February 19, 2009, Khalid gave a presentation on Integrating Nagios with Drupal at the Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group.

We have announced this integration a few weeks ago.

The slides from the presentation are attached below.

New module: Nagios monitoring for your Drupal sites has released the Nagios monitoring module that integrates your Drupal site (or hundreds of sites!) into with the Nagios monitoring application.

The module reports to Nagios that the site is up and running normally, including:

Symantec using Userpoints on their community site

Symantec has launched a community web site that uses Drupal, and the developed and maintained Userpoints.

See how they use userpoints, and how here.

Presentation: Diagnosing and Speeding up a Slow Drupal Site - A Case Study

Thanks to all of those who braved the cold snap and showed up for the Drupal Users Group monthly meeting for January 2009.

This was a case study on a site that was forced to move from a shared host to a VPS, yet was still slow, and how we diagnosed the problem, and found a solution for it.

Here are the slides for the talk, in PDF format.

Making Subversion/SVN recognize CVS Id and Revision tags

Many Drupal developers use Subversion (SVN) internally within their organization, due to its many benefits over what the Drupal project's repository uses: the dated CVS.

One annoying aspect though is that almost all Drupal files use CVS style tags, such as the $Id$ one. Subversion does not recognize these by default.

How to delay somewhat heavy operations to improve user experience

We had a need from a client where they wanted to check certain complex conditions from a relatively big decision matrix. Without going into specifics, they wanted to check a progressive set of rules for users and taking certain actions when all the conditions were met.

Checking one or two conditions is not a problem on a modern day web site, but because the rules are progressive and have to be all checked from the start every time, that involves a lot of processing, a lot of database queries and basically a lot of time.

DrupalCon session: Backend Drupal Performance Optimization and Tuning: A guide for everyone

We have proposed a session for DrupalCon Washington DC 2009. The topic is one that is dear to our hearts and a common : Backend Drupal performance optimization and tuning: a guide for everyone.

This distills the many articles on Drupal performance tuning and optimizations on that we have written over the years. 

Please vote for this session if you would like to attend.

The importance of tuning APC for sites with a high number of Drupal modules

As we observed before, configuring APC with low memory can be a drag on performance, causing high executing times.

We saw this recently for a client with a large web site on a dedicated server that approached for performance tuning.

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