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How to reduce page load times by sending emails via cron, rather on page submission

A frequent problem we see at client sites is when they click submit on a page, whether it is a creation of a node or a comment, and then the site does not come back for several minutes.

Performance benchmarking of Drupal 5.12, Drupal 6.6, and Drupal 7.x: we are getting slower ...

Earlier this month, we published an article on benchmarking Drupal 5.x vs. 6.x: which one faster?

We wanted to take this analysis a step further and benchmark them both with Drupal 7.x as well.


So, we got a checkout of Drupal 7.x as of October 24th, when update.php starting working for that version. We also used Drupal 5.12, and Drupal 6.6 which are the current and previous stable versions.

Drupal Performance logging module now part of the Devel project

A while ago, we announced the performance logging and monitoring module for Drupal.

As you can see from the comments on that page, it was suggested that the module be included with Devel. We did not give it much thought then, until today,  Moshe gave the final nudge, and we did the intergration today.

Along with this integration, we have the following fixes and features:

Wikimedia standardizes 400 servers on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS

the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to standardize their infrastructure on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS. This means that 400 servers running Wikipedia will eventually be moved to Ubuntu, instead of having a mix of distributions.

We have been using and advocating the relatively under-advertised Ubuntu Server for several years, both for in house development and testing, as well as for client web sites, large and small.

We have been extremely happy with Ubuntu, for the following reasons.

Benchmarking Drupal 5.x vs. 6.x: which one is faster?

At the last Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group meeting, Lana mentioned a benchmark of Drupal 5.8 vs. Drupal 6.3 by Vision Media in Victoria.

The benchmark concludes that  Drupal 5 is faster than Drupal 6.

Intrigued by this benchmark, we proceeded to replicate it in a rigorous fashion.

How relying on connections to third party servers can be detrimental to performance

One client of ours was facing severe issues with their relatively new well equipped server: the server stopped responding to web requests, and was rebooted, only to stop responding again.

Upon investigation, we found out that pages were taking a lot of time to load.

This only happened when viewing a node in full page view, not when the
nodes were in lists (just as in views, node edit form ...etc.)

Devel was showing this:

Increasing Drupal's speed via the Squid caching reverse proxy

Dynamic web applications like Drupal offer a lot of benefits for a web site. However, when it comes to scalability, there can be challenges with any dynamic web site, including those build with Drupal.

Presentation: Using CCK, Views and Panels for building Drupal web sites

Today, Khalid gave a presentation at the Drupal Users Group of Waterloo Region on Uisng CCK, Views and Panels to build Drupal web sites, with minimal programming.

Here are the slides from the presentation, in PDF format.

Performance Logging and Monitoring: A module to log and monitor performance statistics for Drupal

We've released a new module for performance logging and monitoring of Drupal sites.

The module shows pages and how much memory they are using for each page load, as well as the milliseconds of page generation time for each as well.

The module is intended for developers as they are building and testing sites, as well as site administrators to measure the most resource hungry pages.

Waterloo Region Drupal Users Group: How to port your content from ... to Drupal

Emma Jane Hogbin, of Drupal Socks fame, drove down all the way from Owen Sound to Kitchener today

She gave the same well attended talk she did at Drupal Camp Toronto 2008 on How to port your content from * to Drupal.

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